10 years’ of imprisonment for producing or distributing pornography

Not only production and marketing but also preservation and carrying are a punishable offence according to the draft pornography control act 2011. This act is approved by the cabinet.  Now this draft will be placed before the Bangladesh National Parliament.

This new has the provision to fine five lakh taka or 10 years’ of rigorous imprisonment or both.  If the parliament approves the draft then it will be printed on The Bangladesh after signing by the president.  A special tribunal will formed to deal these types of cases. This law also has a provision of two years of imprisonment for filing false case.

There are many countries where pornography is not illegal; there the authority makes sure that these materials are kept away from the reach of the under aged. The scenario of Bangladesh is totally different, pornography is not accepted here. There is already law against pornography. In recent days many people especially women were the main sufferer of pornography, where their intimate photos or videos were circulated on the internet to harass them.  So there was a public anger and demand of strict law against pornography.

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