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12-day ‘Runway’ fest in Dhaka

Internationally venerable filmmaker Tareque Masud’s final directorial work ‘Runway’ will be screened during Central Public Library meeting house in Shahbagh from Feb 10.

The legal holiday will additionally underline a screening of Masud’s reduced movie ‘Nara Sundar’ upon Bangladesh’s fight of autonomy as well as a two-minute special stage upon twenty-one February, general mom denunciation day.

Everyday, a movie screening will be reason during 3:00pm, 5:00pm as well as 7:00pm compartment Feb 21.

Tareque Masud died in a comfortless highway collision upon Aug 13, 2011 along with venerable cinematographer Mishuk Munier as well as organisation members Mustafiz, Wasim as well as Jamal.

The filmmaker took an beginning to emanate a transformation of a reconstruction of motion picture halls opposite a country. As a partial of a transformation he screened his drive-in theatre together with ‘Runway’.

Tareque Masud’s widow Catherine Masud voiced her low dolour observant which they were starting to shade ‘Runway’ in Dhaka as a partial of a countrywide screening programme in deficiency of a filmmaker.

She additionally prayed for assent for a over souls.

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