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141-km latest rail-line in West Zone

In a bid to urge informal traffic connectivity with adjacent India, Nepal as good as Bhutan as good as interpose impetus in to a inner rail communications, Bangladesh Railway (BR) west section is implementing over Tk 2100 crore boost skeleton underneath dual projects.

According to a officials concerned, a sum of 141-kilometre rails would be built as good as 85 kilometres of a existent lines would be renovated underneath a projects.

They goal that, after you do of a projects, Bangladesh Railway would get a facelift.

Chief Engineer of a West Zone of a Railway Rafiqul Alam told banglanews which restoration work upon Rajshahi-Amnura-Rohanpur track has already been proposed upon a full scale.

He added: “Besides, 141km latest rail lines have been being built as good as 85 km railroads would be rehabilitated underneath a dual projects.”

According to a sources in a Rail, Kalukhali-Bhatiapara rail line—80.25km categorical line as good as 5km double behind line–would be rehabilitated as good as latest 63km—55km categorical line as good as 8km double behind line would be built by Kashiani-Gopalganj-Tungipara during a price of Tk 1101.32 crore underneath a project.

Sources pronounced a 5-year Kashiani-Gopalganj-Tungipara railway-construction plan would be finish in 2014.

Under a project, a little 850 acres of land would be acquired for a latest railway. The plan would embody associated twelve packages, together with railway, turn crossing, hire building, signaling.

There would additionally be built 4 vital bridges as good as 50 teenager bridges in Kashiani-Gopalganj-Tungipara project.

Under a pick plan there would be built 78.4km latest railway during a price of Tk 982.86 crore by Ishwardi to Dhalarchar.

Rafiqul Alam pronounced a consulting organisation has been allocated for a projects.

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