2022 was packed with great albums.  here are the 10 best

2022 was packed with great albums. here are the 10 best

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6. Weiss Blood – And in the dark, hearts shine

And in the dark, hearts shine marks a return to Weiss Blood’s majestic baroque pop sound with a set of intriguing love songs. Lyrically, the album follows on from its big sister, even making reference to two different songs. Titanic Rising, However, unlike on that album, the songs are no longer in the foreground, nor are they coupled with lavish production.

instead, and in the dark attempts to push the envelope for the instrumental aspect, utilizing lush, enveloping orchestral arrangements and warm vocal delivery. Taking inspiration from the folk pop of the 60s and 70s and introducing a healthy dose of modern psychedelia and electronic music, it creates a light, atmospheric world for listeners to immerse themselves in.

In contrast to the pathetic doom of its predecessor, the songwriting is more rooted in reality. The album is heavier than her previous work and, as the title suggests, is a continuation. Nevertheless, overall and in the dark There is a brief experience that feels timeless.

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