7 killed in Gaibandha lorry crash

An out-of-control lorry rammed a motorbike, a three-wheeler as well as afterwards ploughed in to shops murdering 7 people as well as injuring fifteen others upon Gaibandha-Palashbari main highway yesterday.

Police as well as eyewitnesses pronounced a lorry initial strike a motorcycle as well as afterwards a equipped with a motor three-wheeler murdering 5 people upon a mark nearby a turn crossing. It afterwards rammed in to main highway side shops murdering dual some-more people.

The passed have been Rahela, 33, Mahatab, 22, Mokshed Ali, 30, Jogodish Chandra, 32, Monindra Nath, 40, Babul Mia, 22. On-duty alloy during Gaibandha General Hospital pronounced a singular physique could not be identified. The harmed were taken to Gaibandha General Hospital as well as Rangpur Medical College Hospital.

Bashudev Banik, superintendent of military of Gaibandha, pronounced a driver’s partner was pushing a lorry instead of a motorist as well as he could not carry out a vehicle.

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