70 people dead for drinking local drossy wine and many falls to the emergency in hospital.

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Adulterated alcohol took away many people’s life. Many people admitted to the hospital. It knows, poisonous methanol was in the drossy alcohol and that’s why people lose their life and injured also. This incident happened in north India and Uttarakhand last three days. Indian mass media NDTV disclose it to an article that the number of death may increase”.
Senior police officer Ashok Kumar, who is in charge of investigating the incident said 36 people in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district and eight in Kushinagar district were killed. In addition, 28 people died in Uttarakhand also. Most deaths in Uttarakhand have been reported from Balpur village.
Victims were drunken drossy alcohol at the two local cultural programs. Knows by the post mortem and foreign sic report of the dead body there was harmful methanol in the wine said, officer Ashok Kumar.
Police arrested eight illegal alcohol vendors in connection with the incident. At the same time, the provincial government temporarily suspended 35 officers, including 12 policemen also.

More than 175 people died by drink adulterated alcohol in Uttar Pradesh since 2011. Due to illegal drinking alcohol, deaths often occur in India. Lower middle-class families drink alcoholic beverages without having to drink the registered brand’s alcohol due to insufficiency money. This is the fact of death by drinking alcohol in India.

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