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A ‘tainted’ Jamal win

It is frequency a box which a group is booed off as well as gets a irreverence acclaim from a throng usually after they have won a consequential joining compare to tie their grips upon what betrothed to be their lass joining title. Ironically which was a box during a Bangabandhu National Stadium yesterday, as well as a recipients were Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club, a cash-rich inclusion to a fourth book of a Bangladesh League this year, who won 5-2 opposite Rahmatganj MFS yesterday.

Angry fans, who felt which they were cheated, booed a players upon their approach during a behind of to a sauce room after a match. Some vibrated supporters even showed their slippers or boots whilst venting their annoy for what they claimed a ‘fixed’ affair.

Officials as well as coaches of both teams however ruled out any tainted fool around as well as seemed confident sufficient with a day’s work.

“It counts small what a people say, we have played upon a representation as well as played a great match. We came from during a behind of to win a compare which is a equitable achievement,” pronounced Manzur Quader, boss of Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club.

Quader’s difference were echoed by Packeer Ali, a Dhanmnondi Club’s coach: “No need to listen to what a spectators contend as well as we can’t assistance it. It’s me as well as a group officials who have a diversion devise as well as govern them. Our side is full of peculiarity players who can spin around matches similar to that.”

The Rahmatganj manager Ali Asgar blamed a red label to a single of his players (Moshfilur Uddin) for their defeat: “We mislaid a single capsule to a red label as well as an additional (Ddumba Michael) by injury, which is what led to a defeat.”

The compare itself was no reduction intriguing, as a underdogs Rahmatganj raced to a 2-0 lead inside of 32 mins to wow everybody during a large bowl, prior to surrender five. Cameroonian striker Stephan Bouga scored a ninth hattrick of a league.

The initial idea took usually twelve mins to be registered, when Sheikh Jamal defender Nasimul Islam inadvertently headed a round in to his own net perplexing to obstruct a Jamal Hossain cross.

The lead was doubled in a 32nd notation when Nigerian brazen Uche Felix tapped in a Pushbon Molla reduction from tighten range.

But which was as great as Rahmatganj got in a match. The mettle of a competition altered utterly inside of a subsequent 5 mins as Sheikh Jamal regrouped as well as scored twice in as many mins to revive parity. First, it was Atiqur Rahman Meshu’s nine-yard thinly slice in a 35th notation which evaded Rahmatganj goalie Iran sheikh to find a net. Two mins later, Cameroonian striker Stephan Bouga headed in a Femi Orunimmi cranky to revive parity.

Sheikh Jamal bombarded a Rahmatganj counterclaim for a rest of a half, as well as got a chastisement in a routine in a 43rd minute. Rahmatganj were marked down to 10 men, though a ensuing spot-kick from Mohammad Sujan was saved by Iran sheikh, for a change.

However, it didn’t take prolonged for Sheikh Jamal to take a lead once fool around resumed. Seven mins in to a second half Emmanuel Ayuk, a single of their 4 Cameroonians, took a erratic shot from inside a box to find a during a behind of of a net as a goalie was marked down to a small spectator.

Rahmatganj detonate in to a opposite conflict in a 74th notation as well as Felix’s cranky was volleyed usually over by Pushbon Molla. But which remarkable detonate of gait led to their own undoing as Sheikh Jamal came out in numbers as well as found a fourth goal, pleasantness of Meshu’s reduction accomplished off by Bouga. The splay Cameroonian afterwards finished his three-way in a 89th notation with an additional elementary daub in from an Abdul Baten Mojumdar cross.

The win took Sheikh Jamal to 47 points from twenty matches, 4 forward of second-placed Muktijoddha Sangsad who have a diversion in hand. Rahmatganj have been in seventh upon all sides with twenty-five points. There have been no matches of a joining currently as well as tomorrow due to a nation-wide strike


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