Dhaka News is a blog site where the different sorts of news are being published. Dhaka news is also looking forward to encourage the new writers who want to be an online journalist. We want to focus a positive Dhaka as well as Bangladesh to the rest of the world so that people can have a great impression about Dhaka. We are hundred percent committed to work beyond any political biasness. We also want to represent a secularist Bangladesh. In fact, Bangladesh is a secularist country. Some group of people is trying to represent Bangladesh as fundamentalist country to gain their own interests. Actually they are very few in numbers. We have a very good religious harmony in the society. We observe Eid (Religious festival of Muslim), Puja (Religious festival of Hindu) and Christmas day all together. We also celebrate our national festival all together like Pohela Boishakh (first day of Bengali year) and Ekushe February (International mother language day). The vision of Dhaka news is to raise the public voice. Every people of Bangladesh are welcome to speak out their voice through Dhaka News. We welcome all of our reader to give important comment over our posts.