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Akshay Kumar donates Rs 2cr for ice hockey

Actor Akshay Kumar is leaving no stone unturned to promote his first international production, Speedy Singhs or Breakaway (international title), with ice hockey as the backdrop. So, after dismissing reports that he is not planning to donate Rs 2 crore to the Ice Hockey Association of India
(ICHAOI), Kumar has actually ended up donating over £250,000 (Rs1.9 crore) to the association.
“Akshay has donated over £250,000 to the Ice Hockey Association in India to promote the sport in the country,” confirmed his spokesperson on Tuesday.

Akshay KumarThe actor, who will make a cameo appearance in Speedy Singhs, had however completely dismissed reports of this donation during his visit to the Capital on Monday. “It is not true. We will try to do something for ice hockey but not in this manner. Just wait as you will soon hear about it in the right way,” he had said.

Well, Kumar surely loves his country and that is reflected not only through his love for Indian sports but also through his loyalties towards Bollywood. “I’m very happy acting in Hindi films right now. Though I’m producing an international project, I’m not thinking of acting in Hollywood right now,” says the 44-year-old, adding, “When I started my production house, I hadn’t thought that I would be producing an international film one day.”

The actor also spoke about his affiliation towards sports’ films. “I’m more inclined towards sports’ films. But, this film is not just about ice hockey, it is an emotional father-son story. People will love watching the Punjabi culture showed in the film ,” he said. When asked if he fears any competition from Shahid Kapoor starrer Mausam, which also releases on Sept 23, he said, “Both the films are very different from each other. I hope both films do well.”

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