An addicted young man kills father and brother

Ibrahim Hossain (30) of Boraigram upazila in Nator, killed his father Abdus Sattar (80) and his elder brother Shahadat Hossain when he (Ibrahim Hossain) was refused for money, which he wanted to buy drugs.

Ibrahim Hossain was an addicted man and lost control on himself. He demanded his portion of family property many times in the past when his brother and father refused to pay him. Yesterday he entered his brother’s room silently and started knifing his brother; their father was also knifed when he came on there after listening crying of Shahadat’s wife.

They were taken to hospital in critical condition but both of them died on the way.

Ibrahim’s mother has filed a case against him.

Youth is the best time of a man and woman. The youth are also power of a nation. But it is the youth who are most prone to drugs. Drugs are mainly supplied from neighboring countries, because law enforcing agencies are cautious here, they do not allow factories. They are failing to stop the supply though. It is alleged that many drug factories are established on the border areas of the neighboring countries. Many experts believe this is simply a conspiracy to destroy the nation by weakening the young hands.

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