An try to see ? la mode art as artefact

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A square for a singular person Raku exhibition, patrician “Contemporary Artefacts”, is upon during a Zainul Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA), University of Dhaka. The muster facilities functions of artist Ashim Halder Sagor. This is Sagor’s 2nd square for a singular person Raku exhibition.

Art expert as good as secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mijarul Quayes inaugurated a muster as arch guest upon Jul 5. Dean of FFA, Professor EHM Matlub Ali as good as artist Mahbubur Rahman were benefaction as special guest during a opening.

‘Raku’ (meaning gay or joyful), a normal Japanese art form, has a roots in ceramics. The technique used in Raku entails blazing white clay in a low heat with sawdust as good as dry leaves, followed by right away cooling it in H2O so which a CO hardness is shaped over a surface. Aside from bland use, Raku has turn renouned for a cultured value in both East as good as West.

In his ardent inventive quest, Ashim wants to demonstrate hold up as good as time — hold up which is ? la mode as good as time which is galloping. His art aspires to be deliberate as ‘artefact’. Ashim is extraordinary about deconstructing normal art forms by which he would similar to to master a trends of ? la mode art.

“Catharsis”, “Conversation”, “Desire”, “Existence in Nature”, “Metamorphic as good as Physical Existence 1” as good as “2”, “Inside of Nature 1” as good as “2”, “Playing with Nature”, “Nostalgia”, “Me & My Myth 1” as good as “5”, “Relation in Form 1” as good as “2”, “Urbanity” as good as a couple of untitled functions by a artist have been upon arrangement during a exhibition.

Interestingly enough, Ashim has used himself as a indication for multiform of his works.

In his childhood, Ashim used to locate birds. To a kid it didn’t appear vicious though his demur right away haunts him. Juxtaposition of dual faces, represented in “Catharsis”, is an try to demonstrate which dilemma.

“Conversation” facilities dual hands, a singular with a mouth as good as a alternative with an ear. Ashim keenly celebrated dual associate students during Jagannath Hall of Dhaka University, communicating by palm gestures, which seems to have supposing a inspiration.

Several superb sculptures (human head) by a artist suppose a disagreement of tellurian instincts.

A couple of of a functions wizz in upon a change in inlet which is about to pulp interjection to tellurian greed. The artist has portrayed civic jungles, as good as during a same time urged to means co-existence in nature.

“Me & My Myth 1” as good as “5” give figure to a artist’s talented universe as good as nostalgia.

Ashim stood first, securing initial class, in his BFA (Honours) from a Department of Ceramics, FFA, DU in 2009 as good as is you do his MFA during a same institute.

The muster is open to all from 10am to 8pm bland as good as will finish upon Jul 12.

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