Anwarul Azim murder: Proper investigation will solve the mystery

Anwarul Azim murder: Proper investigation will solve the mystery

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Would these cases have been withdrawn if they had not joined the Awami League from the BNP? The reality is that there are many examples of cases being withdrawn and sentences being pardoned for political reasons.

The government policy makers had claimed to eliminate the extremists, but the murder of Anwarul Azim has proved that their claim is not completely true.

Those detained on suspicion of involvement in the killing include former extremist group leader Shimul Bhuiyan, who has identified himself as Syed Amanullah. He has obtained a passport and even a national identity card in this name.

The murder of Anwarul Azim has raised many questions not only for the ruling party but also for the entire country. The murderers had got passports and national identity cards made with false information by changing their names. They left the country without any problem and returned after the murder.

Then where is the security of the state and the people? The allegation that serious criminals are connected to power politics has been highlighted once again by this incident.

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