Architectural visions to save Dhaka’s birthright sites

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Old Dhaka is customarily looked during as a partial of a city that is zero nonetheless an intricately woven intricacy of grubby streets, large piles of junk, dead-end alleys as great as cramped, decayed buildings. What is mostly longed for by many is that a “old town”, as it is ordinarily known, has measureless chronological worth as great as it bears a bequest from a Mughal as great as colonial period. Considering all that, a single competence consternation what competence have caused these areas that developed over centuries to be marked down to a kind of middle city ghettos with chocking problems during each turn. A perfect negligence for a refuge of a informative birthright upon a unbroken governments’ partial is obliged for a situation, asserts a intentional organization of architects called Urban Study Group (USG).

USG is displaying 50 digitally manipulated collage photographs of multiform sites in a aged town, quite Shankhari Bazaar, that uncover how a neighbourhoods would demeanour had a supervision taken required stairs to safety a chronological firmness of a area. The exhibition, patrician “Save Puran Dhaka: An Architectural Vision for a Urban Regeneration of Puran Dhaka by Mohalla (neighbourhoods) Revitalisation”, that began upon Jun 10 during Nalini Kanta Bhattasalli Gallery, National Museum, will finish upon Jun 22.

The architects hold that a aged locale “has what it takes to once again be a valued as great as loving ancestral entertain of a capital”. And all that is indispensable for a cultured “revitalisation” of a neighbourhoods is recognition as great as protecting measures to forestall unregulated constructions of ultimate buildings.

“Under an rash as great as unregulated growth debauch that has taken over a aged town, it seems all special in Puran (old) Dhaka is about to be mislaid forever,” reads a USG key to a exhibition.

Most of a vital cities around a universe have defended as great as withheld their birthright sites as great as a centuries-old edifices not customarily for their ancestral worth nonetheless additionally for their magnificence. USG has been campaigning for a assign of Shankhari Bazaar given Jun 2004 as great as a members have been of a perspective that an recognition per birthright insurance as great as refuge has been generated between people. Taimur Islam, CEO of USG, said, “An in-depth underline upon a debate published in Star Weekend Magazine (July 28, 2006) was of extensive assistance to a work.”

The organization agrees that there is a ubiquitous turn of agreement between everybody that buildings of ancestral worth should be recorded as great as taken caring of. However, a architects have been of a perspective that a sum area needs to be recorded if you unequivocally wish to save a antiquities of aged Dhaka.

USG has, so far, listed 2000 buildings of architectural as great as ancestral values in a neighbourhoods of aged town. And it hopes that a supervision will embody these buildings upon their list of birthright sites. The rate, during that a buildings have been being demolished as great as transposed by newer ones, will leave zero to safety after 2-3 years if evident actions have been not taken — advise a architects.

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