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Jasimuddin is famous for his poetry and other literary works on the village life of Bangladesh. Especially he highlighted the poverty and inequality. He dreamed a society of justice and equality. Many of the characters of his literature were from his observation of village life. Rupai and Asmani were two of them.

Rupai died few years ago and Asmani died yesterday. Jasimuddin’s poem Asmani was published in 1949 where he portrayed the sufferings of Asmani due to poverty.  This poem became so popular and included in school text books. But no one knew, that Asmani was a real character. Later in his autobiography Jasimuddin wrote about Asmani and few years ago the authority tried to find Asmani. It was found that she is still alive and living in the same village where Jasimuddin saw her at the age of nine.

She became a popular character in Bangladesh. She died in her house at Rasulpur village at the age of 99. She was suffering for kidney and heart disease. Asmani will be with us for the poem Asmani by Jasimuddin.

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