Three priorities in PM Hasina's visit to Brussels

Awami League’s Sheikh Hasina took responsibility for the government’s mistakes. election manifesto announcement

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Highlighting the historical achievements of the Awami League, Sheikh Hasina said, “All the great achievements including the right to speak in our mother tongue and the liberation struggle have come through the Awami League. Bangladesh will become an upper middle income country by 2031 and a developed, prosperous and smart Bangladesh will be established in the hands of Awami League.

She further said, “As long as Allah keeps me alive, I will not step back from what I have considered as my duty.” I want to fulfill my father’s dream by serving you.”

“I came into politics to complete the unfinished tasks of my father to bring a smile on the faces of the people of the country after they lost their parents, brothers and relatives. In doing this I had to reach the verge of death many times. However, I never went away thinking about you and my father.

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