Bangladesh is one of the 10 climate risk countries

Climate change is a very important issue in this present world. Countries like Bangladesh are very much in danger due to climate change. Germanwatch, a German based non-profit, research organization published its Global Climate Risk Index (CRI)-2011 here yesterday identifying Bangladesh as one of the top nations mostly vulnerable to climate change.

The sixth CRI (Down 10) of Germanwatch was published on the sideline of the global climate conference yesterday on the basis of ten most affected countries in the last decade on the specific results in the four indicators.

The indicators are- total death tolls, number of events, loss of property each person and loss of gross domestic product. As in previous years, the CRI-2011 analyzed-to what extent countries have been affected by weather extreme events like storms, floods, heat waves etc, said author of the CRI Sven Harmeling of Germanwatch.

The index was prepared based on the most reliable available data on the impacts of extreme weather events and associated socio-economic data, he said.

According to the Germanwatch analysis, Chinese Taipei, Saudi Arabia and Australia were surprisingly among the ten most affected countries in 2009.

The Germanwatch index took into account the climate-related impacts and associated vulnerabilities, not important climate aspects such as sea-level rise, glacier melting or more acid and warmer seas, Sven Harmeling said. This year’s analysis underlines that least developed countries are generally more affected than industrialised countries, he said.

In 2009, El Salvador, Chinese Taipeh, the Philippines, Viet Nam and Saudi Arabia ranked as the most affected countries. But, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Honduras were the countries mostly affected by extreme weather events from 1990 to 2009, the index report said.

CANCUN, Mexico, Dec 5 (BSS)

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