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Bangladesh recognized South Sudan without any hesitation.

Sudan became an independent on the 9th July and earned United Nations membership on the 14th

July, 2011.

Many countries around the world are now recognizing the newest nation; following their

example Bangladesh joins the party. On Wednesday foreign ministry said Bangladesh recognizes

South Sudan.

This independence came after bloody civil war which ended by signing a comprehensive peace

agreement in 2005.  In line with the agreement people of South Sudan participated in a

referendum where they voted for independence.

Bangladesh became an independent nation after another bloody war in 1971 but in that case

that new Bangladesh had to struggle for recognitions of various countries around the world.

Many countries refused to recognize Bangladesh.

On the other hand Israel offered diplomatic relation but Bangladesh govt. refused. Still

Bangladesh is refusing to recognize, in protest of Israeli violence against Palestinians and

occupation of Palestinian land.

There is another strange situation in Kosovo. Western world are asking Bangladesh to

recognize Kosovo but Russia saying Bangladesh should not do it. Bangladesh is seeking help

from Russia for its nuclear power project in Ruppur of Pabna. It’s a dilemma now.

Another problem is in Abkhazia and South Ossetia matter, where Russia wants Bangladesh to

recognize these territories as sovereign states but western world opposing.

Sudan a land of more than 2 lakh squre kms was a risk free matter, it is approved by the UN

and more than 1,500 Bangladeshi peace keepers are deployed there.

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