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Bangladesh to buy three crore dose of Covid-19 vaccine

The Bangladesh government has decided to buy three crore doses of Oxford Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine. A tri-party memorandum of understanding between the Bangladesh government, Beximco pharma, and Serum Institute of India was signed today.

Few days ago the health minister hinted that Bangladesh would buy the vaccine which will be first ready to use. These Oxford Astrazeneca vaccines will require a second dose after 28 days. That means this three crore vaccine will only be enough for one and a half crore people. Each dose will cost 5 US dollars.

These vaccines will be shipped to Bangladesh after WHO clearance. Only three crore dose will not be enough for Bangladesh. Frontline healthcare givers, elderly, police, and security officials will be given priority.

Strategic analysts have been saying that this new vaccine may decide which country will lead the world for the next few decades. They are arguing, the steam engine and naval power helped colonial England to dominate. Later Two consecutive world wars weakened the European nations and the center of power was shifted to the US. But now the US economy is not doing as well as it was doing a few decades ago. China is emerging. If they can produce a vaccine to combat the present pandemic, surely they will be able to take the upper hand. South Asian nation India which considers them as an emerging superpower, is also trying to take the opportunity.

Though they are seeking vaccines around the world, they are also offering Bangladesh and other countries to supply vaccines. Serum Institute of India is known for producing various vaccines and the Indian government has been pushing Bangladesh to accept its supply. Apparently, this latest move from Bangladesh to accept vaccine from Serum Institute of India will please Indian think thank. At least Bangladesh is not taking supply from India’s competitor China.

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