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Bangladeshi Art’s Proud Presence in the City of Canals

Venice city has taken upon the gratifying mood upon the arise of the 54th Venice Biennale. Each dilemma of the locale reflects particular architectural magnificence; the city as the sum seems to be the illusory melodramatic theatre set. You won’t see any automobile or bike in the city. People possibly travel or operate boats or the small alternative vessel to pierce around. The streets have been similar to alleyways though the lanes have been full of people.

The legal holiday has supposing newness given the rising in 1895. Installation, video art, cut with the chisel have been the categorical genres of art which have been upon arrangement during the festival.

With the title, “ILLUMINIZATION”, this year’s legal holiday has been destined by distinguished historian, censor as good as curator Bice Curiger as good as organized by la Biennale di Venezia, underneath the presidency of Paolo Baratta. It non-stop upon Jun 4, as good as will go upon compartment Nov 27. The biennale is being reason during the dual categorical locations of Giardini as good as the Arsenale, as good as alternative venues around the city.

The muster facilities 83 artists from all over the world. There have been about 89 participating nations. The countries which have participated for the initial time have been Bangladesh, Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain as good as Haiti. Other countries which have participated after the interregnum have been Congo, Iraq, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Costa Rica as good as Cuba.

The Bangladesh pavilion is during 993A, Gervasuti Foundation (an aged deserted arms depot converted in to an art gallery). For the initial time in the story of the 115-year-old Venice Biennale, Bangladeshi artists have perceived invitations to denote their installations, video humanities to associate artists from around the universe as good as Venetian art enthusiasts.

Britto Arts Trust, Bangladesh; Bengal Foundation, Bangladesh as good as Gervasuti Foundation, Venice-London have mutually organised the Bangladeshi participation, patrician “Parables”. Tayeba Begum Lipi, the single of the initial curators of Britto, is behaving as co-commissioner, operative to the single side her Italian reflection Fiona Biggiero. Mary Angela Schroth as good as Paolo W. Tamburella have been curators of the Bangladesh pavilion.

Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Bangladesh), Mohammad Mijarul Quayes, inaugurated the Bangladesh pavilion upon Jun 3 during 7pm.

Bangladesh Ambassador to Italy, Masud Bin Momen; Subir Choudhury, director, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts; curators Mary Angela Schroth as good as Paolo W. Tamburella; artist Tayeba Begum Lipi, between other, spoke during the initial session.

Five participating Bangladeshi artists have been Promotesh Das Pulak, Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty, Imran Hossain Piplu, Mahbubur Rahman as good as Tayeba Begum Lipi. The painters have been deliberate to be socially wakeful as good as lay importance upon sundry ? la mode issues.

Last year, Mahbubur Rahman as good as Tayeba Begum Lipi of Britto participated during the seminar in Rome. Several curators as good as critics were proposal by their thought-provoking installations as good as requested them to contention their plan proposals for the Venice Biennale. They submitted their proposals as good as the projects saw the reason of light. This is the credentials of Bangladesh’s illustration during the 54th Venice Biennale.

Mahbubur Rahman is the single of the founders of Britto. At the biennale, he is displaying an designation project. The plan shows pigs in the steel case. Neon light has ornate the outward of the case. The pigs have been lonesome in cowhide. Rahman said, “Social norms have been customarily combined according to the internal atmosphere, continue as good as culture. Many clearly undiscerning norms do exist, bringing about conflict, as good as constrained us to confirm how you ought to act. In my country, for instance, you train cows though not pigs. Growing up in Muslim family, this convention was instilled in me from the proposal age.”

Tayeba Begum Lipi’s dual projects are: “I Wed Myself” (a video projection of 3 mins as good as dual seconds) as good as “Bizarre as good as the Beautiful” (an installation, finished of immaculate steel, hangers as good as razor blades). In “I Wed Myself” Lipi has played dual resisting purposes during the same time — both the bride as good as the husband — during the wedding.

Her “Bizarre as good as Beautiful” is the unequivocally absolute as good as fluent work by which she asks how the woman’s beauty should be represented. The designation consists of 3,000 razor blades finished of immaculate steel, made in to thirty pairs of brassieres which cling to from the steel bar.

Promotesh Das Pulak is the youngest participating artist as good as his plan is called “Echoed Moments in Time” which focuses upon the Liberation War. Pulak picked up photographs by remarkable photographers Robin Sengupta as good as Rashid Talukdar upon the Liberation War. Then he private the faces of the people in the picture as good as pasted his own face conveying opposite moods. He has finished it regulating Photoshop.

Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty’s work depicts the aged Greek parable of Medusa. For the project, he did over 1,000 drawings of faces in sundry moods. Then he chose over 100 drawings for his project. He has used pencil as good as graphite. The faces appear to be matching though the structures as good as forms have been opposite according to compositions. In “Quandary”, he has experimented with his self-portrait as good as snakes. The facial expressions denote agony, enjoyment as good as middle visions. Through the project, he questions the judgment of uniqueness.

Imran Hossain Piplu’s work is the practical notable relic which presents fossils detected in opposite tools of the universe in the form of sculptural relief, digital imitation as good as publication. The pick up refers to the thought which all exists as fossil.

Around 7,000 Bangladeshis live as good as work in Venice. Bangladeshi expatriates have been unapproachable of the country’s initial appearance in the biennale.

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