Bangladeshi artists appreciate Tagore during Delhi exhibition

The Lalit Kala Akademi in Mandi House post of the Indian collateral is the site of the singular treat: Rabindranath Tagore portrayed upon the board by 8 comparison painters from Bangladesh.

Using Tagore as their muse, the Bangladeshi artists have combined their own particular understand of the Nobel laureate as the inlet partner or the poet-musician or as the poet-intellectual during the weeklong art residency programme here, patrician “Bangla Tuli”, as partial of celebrations to pitch Tagore’s 150th bieing born anniversary.

The six-day muster by Bangladeshi artists Hamiduzzaman Khan, Abdul Mannan, Nasreen Begum, Mohammad Eunus, Ahmed Shamusddoha, Sheikh Afzal Hussain, Golam Farooq Bebul as well as Mohammad Iqbal, as well as was inaugurated during the Lalit Kala Akademi by Indian Cultural Secretary Jawhar Sircar as well as Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh in India Mahbub Hassan Saleh upon May 18.

Sircar pronounced Tagore outlayed the little of the most appropriate years of his hold up (1891-1901) in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) as well as is positively the common birthright in in between India as well as Bangladesh.

According to Sircar, with the perspective to violation giveaway the subjugation of alphabet, Tagore took up paintings during the after stage.

He pronounced his method would organize some-more such camps of artists with India’s beside countries, together with Pakistan, to move the people closer to any other.

Saleh hoped some-more such camps would be reason in destiny to move the artists of Bangladesh as well as India closer.

Describing Tagore as the single of the biggest informative icons in the world, Saleh pronounced the mythological artist belonged to the star as well as was during the heart of the informative down payment in in between the dual countries.

He thanked the Lalit Kala Akademi for land such stay as well as hoped some-more such projects would be undertaken in destiny to move the artists of Bangladesh as well as India closer.

While the Bangladeshi artists portrayed Tagore as the inlet partner as well as bard of regretful communication as well as songs, the Indians portrayed the idealist in the poet.

Mohammed Iqbal’s “Amar Sonar Bangla” is done of dual semi-abstract compositions featuring Tagore’s preferred Bengali encampment inhabited by charming animals, people as well as the poet.

“I innovate upon the normal Japanese calligraphy upon my board with the special brush which produces the excellent as well as the densest of strokes. The poet’s brave is an e.g. of that,” according to Iqbal.

One is reminded of Tagore’s important poem “Barshasesh” by seeking during the functions of Nasreen Begum, the usually lady in the organisation of 8 artists, sketch impulse from the poet’s outline of “Jhora Pata”.

“My pata, drawn from Tagore’s poems, etch the transitory root — during the birth, youth, majority as well as aged age — the pitch of life,” pronounced Nasreen Begum, Professor, Oriental Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka.

In Eunus’ work, Tagore looks out of the window from an epitome background.

“My tour has been the single from condensation to realism. On my canvas, we have sealed Tagore in the support inside of the frame,” he said.

Hamiduzzaman Khan’s Tagore is the wizened figure upon the board with the spray around his neck. While the producer is framed opposite the landscape of brown, yellow as well as red upon the single canvas, upon the other, he is drawn as the sculpted figure.

“My drawings have been desirous by the landscape Tagore saw in Bangladesh,” pronounced the artist, an alumnus of the M.S. University of Baroda.

For Abdul Mannan, Tagore’s celebrity looms vast over the immature vistas as well as pale expanse of the heavens of Bangladesh — an imagery which comes alive in his musical compositions which fool around with forms as well as clouds.

According to Sheikh Afzal, lerned during the Tsukuba University in Tokyo, “the large face of Tagore in his middle-age has so most impression which the couple of strokes move it to hold up upon canvas.”

“You cannot obstruct Tagore inside of geography. He is the tellurian icon,” artist Golam Farooq Bebul of Rajshahi University said. Bebul used paint upon the semi-abstract understand of the hull of an aged guesthouse the producer was lustful of as the immature male in Rajshahi.

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