Bangladeshi ship faces pirate attack in Indian Ocean

Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah taken hostage by Somali pirates: Urgent plea for help

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Atiq's elder daughter Yasra Fatima is a class 3 student, second daughter Unaiza is a class 2 student and the youngest daughter is only 18 months old.

When Atiq called for the last time after Maghrib Namaz yesterday, his wife Meena was offering Namaz. His second daughter Unaija picked up the phone. Atiq only said to his daughter, “Tell mother to pray.” They are taking our phones.” And disconnected the phone.

Later he sent a voice message on WhatsApp. Later his phone was not found unlocked.

Atiq Ullah Khan's mother Shahnoor said that her son had been working on a ship for 14 years, yet he had never faced such danger. She was sitting on the sofa with her two granddaughters in her lap. One by one the crowd of relatives was gathering at the house.

Shahnoor said, “I am requesting the Prime Minister to bring back my son. She is also a mother. I have three small grandchildren. My daughter-in-law is ill.”

Atiq's wife Meena Azmin is now five months pregnant. She has fallen ill after hearing her husband's ordeal. He was taken to the doctor on Tuesday night.

Earlier on 5 December 2010, Somali pirates had hijacked another ship of the group, MV Jahan Moni. Kabir Group got the ship back after three months by paying ransom.

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