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Bangladeshi tourism industry is reviving amid lack of foreign tourists

Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty with world’s largest mangrove forest, longest sea beach and other tourist destinations like Kuakata and lovely Chittagong hill tracts. But the country has never successfully attracted foreign tourists. Especially after the 2016 terrorist attack in a Dhaka restaurant which targeted non-Muslim foreigners, the country suffered a huge blow. Since then very few foreign tourists have visited the country.
In spite of the crisis, the country’s tourism industry has boomed in recent years. In the year 2000 only three lakh local tourists have visited various locations of the country. But in 2017 this number has reached to 70 lakh. The number is increasing every year. After the end of colonial era in 1947, living condition of locals have improved gradually. People’s average income have increased three to four times. Once people were repairing their houses, buying new furniture. But now they can afford travelling to various destinations of the country and even outside the country. Neighboring India receives highest number of tourists from Bangladesh.
So Bangladeshi tourism industry is booming, numerous resorts and hotels are built across the country to accommodate local tourists. Tourism experts are hoping, one day these resorts will attract foreign tourists also. But experts are also pointing to a fact that may be this country is not yet ready to accept night club culture and women walking on beach with bikinis.

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