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Bashonto Utshab

Women, as able-bodied as adolescent girls cutting red, yellow, orange and saffron saris, and men in panjabi started accession at FFA aboriginal in the morning. Though the burghal has not witnessed abundant blood-soaked Shimul or Polash blossoms yet, marigold and roses were there to compensate. Here and there, acceptance of FFA were painting ablaze designs on the cheeks of accouchement and acquisitive revellers. As the army grew larger, the affection angry merrier.

Inspired by initiatives of iconic abstracts such as artist Shamsur Rahman, and Tagore backer Wahidul Haque, Jatiyo Bashonto Utshab Parishad started adulatory Pahela Phalgun in the burghal added than a decade back. The anniversary is accessible to all, chain bodies from all sections of the society.

The daylong programme was disconnected into two segments. The aboriginal articulation of the programme began at 6:45am with a classical dance. Artistes of Dhrupad Kala Kendra presented the piece.

Spring was accustomed with a cardinal of abandoned and choral renditions by artistes of Chhayanat, Rabirag, Sursaptak, Bonhishikha and added organisations. Acclaimed Nazrul Sangeet artisan Ferdous Ara performed two solos amidst others.

Chhayanaut General Secretary and acclaimed Nazrul Sangeet artisan Khairul Anam Shakil rendered “Kuhu Kuhu Koyelia” based on Raga Khamaj; acclaimed Tagore artisan Fahim Hossain Chowdhury performed “Shei Bhalo Shei Bhalo”. Artisan Sujit Mustafa performed a adventurous cardinal “Ke Tumi Tandra Horoni” while Shafiul Alam Raza sang a Bhawaiya song “Phul Phutiley”.

Director of Music and Ball administration of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, RA Mahmud Selim, with the organisers roamed amid the admirers’ apprehension the song “Aha Ki Anando Akashey Batashey”. Bhaswar Bandopadhyay, Shimul Mustafa and others recited balladry at the event.

Bhabna, Nritya Nandan, Nrityam, Spondon and Nataraj performed dances on the occasion.

Joint convenor of the festival, Safiuddin Ahmed; Member Secretary Kazi Arif; RA Mahmud Selim and others batten on the occasion. Manzarul Islam recited the acknowledgment for the year. Kajal Debnath presided over the discussion.

Kazi Arif said, “We achievement that bent and anguish will be removed from the association as the cuckoo declares the access of spring.”

The aboriginal bisected of the programme concluded with a active assemblage brought out from the FFA premises. The programme resumed in the afternoon. As allotment of the festival, Jatiyo Bashonto Utshab Parishad captivated a programme at Rabindra Sarobar on the aforementioned day.

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