BCL ‘cadres’ conflict BAU teachers: twenty injured

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At slightest twenty teachers of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) in Mymensingh were bleeding as “cadres” of Bangladesh Chhatra League allegedly pounded them over the few make the difference upon Monday afternoon.

Campus sources pronounced the indignant activists of the pro-government tyro classification vandalized the offices of the proctor as well as the tyro counselor, the teacher-student centre (TSC), senior manager structure as well as alternative critical establishments.

They additionally burnt the motorbike during the rampage. Police hold four
for their purported impasse in the incident.

Witnesses as well as military pronounced dual proprietor students—Nur Mohammad as well as Arif—were arrested over an situation of snatching in the Botanical Garden area of the university as per sequence of the university proctor upon August 7.

Following the incident, the small activists of Chhatra League pounded the car of Proctor of the university Abu Hadi Nur Ali Khan during night.

The teachers’ organisation of the university sat in an puncture assembly to criticism the conflict upon the car of the proctor during the Gallery of Microbiology dialect as well as they staged the wordless convene upon the campus.

“At the single theatre of the rally, the small activists hurled the small bad comments during the teachers. The teachers handed over them to police,” says the mark comment of the troubles.

Later, the protestors pounded the teachers with fatal weapons, withdrawal twenty teachers injured. The harmed were rushed to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital.

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