Benazir did not take government permission before buying the land

Benazir did not take government permission before buying the land

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The ACC investigation has now revealed that Benazir Ahmed, his wife and their three daughters own large amounts of land, flats, companies and shares in companies. Most of these assets have been acquired during their service tenure. This includes Joint Stock Company Savana Natural Park and Farm registered on May 10, 2022 in Gopalganj, Savana Agro Limited registered on March 1 of the same year, Savana Eco Resort registered on May 10 and Ekti Shishir Bindu Limited registered on April 18 of the same year. Benazir was the IGP at the time.

Meanwhile, based on the appeal of the ACC, the court has issued orders to confiscate 621 bighas of land in the name of Benazir Ahmed, his wife, daughters and relatives. Out of this, 7.60 acres (23 bighas) of land has been purchased in Benazir's own name. When he was the DMP commissioner, 175 decimals of land was purchased in his name on St. Martin Island in 2014.

Mustafa Kamal Uddin has been the Secretary of the Public Service Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs from 2017 to 2022. He is currently the Chairman of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Speaking to Prothom Alo yesterday, Thursday, he said that when he was the Secretary of the Public Security Division, Benazir had been the DG of RAB and later the IGP. At that time, Benazir did not take any permission from the government, which is required for the spouse and children of a government service holder to open a business establishment.

Mustafa Kamal Uddin was preceded by Kamal Uddin Ahmed, the secretary of the Public Security Division. He is now the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission. Speaking to Prothom Alo yesterday, Kamal Uddin Ahmed said that even during her tenure, Benazir Ahmed did not seek permission to open any business establishment in the name of her wife or children.

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