Bichinta’s Minar Mahmud dies

Bichinta was a popular weekly in the 80s. It gained popularity for its outspoken writings. But that was not liked by the army regime. Bichinta’s publication was stopped. Minar Mahmud was the editor of Bichinta. Later he started the publication after the fall of the military regime. But Minar Mahmud couldn’t continue. He went to United States closing Bichinta. He started publication for the third time in 2009.

Recently he went under brain surgery. Controversial writer Taslima Nasrin was his first wife.

He was found dead in Dhaka Regency Hotel yesterday. After examining the close circuit TV footage the hotel authority is saying that he came with no luggage. Police found strips of about 150 sedative tablets and a letter in the hotel room. Police is investigating that whether that letter is written by him.

That letter is written to his wife Lajuk, where he said no one is responsible for his death. He also expressed some of his grievances and disappointments.

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