Biden monitoring China Covid unrest as US rallies pop up

Biden monitoring China Covid unrest as US rallies pop up

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Members of the Uyghur community were also present, who expressed their anger at the casualties.

Activist and academic Tahir Imin said, “The fire that caused the deaths has woken us up.”

A similar gathering took place on the west coast of America as well.

Attendees told AFP that more than 100 people gathered outside the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles on Sunday night with candles and fresh flowers.

“The atmosphere was mostly filled with anger, sadness and a little frustration in solidarity with the protesters in mainland China,” said Michael Luo, a 25-year-old graduate student.

He described the event as peaceful and a “leaderless movement”.

In Washington, about 25 members of the Uyghur community also gathered outside the State Department on Monday to call on the US and other democracies to step up further pressure on Beijing.

Uighur-American Salih Hudayar, who campaigns for Xinjiang independence, said, “We want them to issue a formal statement condemning the loss of life, and call for full transparency on the actual number of deaths.”

“We are hoping that the international community supports these protesters in demanding accountability from the Chinese government,” he added of protests in China.

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