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Biman in serious money crunch

Biman Bangladesh Airlines faces a serious monetary predicament which constrained it to steal Tk twenty crore from a internal bank to compensate salaries to a 2,600 staff in April.

The inhabitant conduit owes some-more than Tk twenty crore to Padma Oil whilst a London bureau is in debt of over Tk 49 crore to opposite airports as great as organisations, pronounced Biman officials.

It additionally owes over Tk 125 crore to a Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, pronounced Biman Managing Director as great as Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Zakiul Islam.

Biman has remained in a red for a final 3 as great as a half years after it had amassed Tk 510 crore in money pot in Feb 2008.

The airline is right away in a “near broke situation,” a tip Biman central told The Daily Star, preferring anonymity.

Biman’s great from sheet sales fell by some-more than Tk 100 crore in between Jan seventeen as great as Apr thirty this year. The dump in sales resulted generally from a transport in airfares upon general routes effected from Jan seventeen nonetheless any marketplace study, pronounced Biman officials.

A London-based organisation which provides simulator precision — a imperative programme for Biman pilots as great as cockpit organisation — to Biman staff any 6 months, has in jeopardy to pause a programme if Biman fails to compensate it a balance of Tk 1.20 crore.

Lack of planning, mismanagement as great as disaster to work flights upon report have left a inhabitant conduit in this contemptible state, purported multiform Biman officials.

Prior to a enlarge in airfare in mid-January, a airline had warranted Tk 170 crore a month from sheet sales. But a great forsaken by scarcely Tk twenty crore in January, Tk 40 crore in February, Tk twenty-five crore in Mar as great as Tk fifteen crore in April, pronounced an central in Biman’s income department.

“The incident is so grave which a Biman DC-10 aircraft requiring an endless upkeep check has been in a internal hangar for over 40 days, as Biman’s London bureau is incompetent to buy gangling tools for account constraint,” pronounced a Biman high-up, requesting anonymity.

The central pronounced 3 of Biman’s 4 DC-10s have been right away operational.

Biman’s tip officials additionally doubted possibly a airline will be means to prepare $ 2 million to send an Airbus as great as a Boeing-737 to Singapore for imperative endless check, which is due in dual weeks.

“Biman’s monetary illness has turn so thin which it could not compensate abroad allowances to a cabin as great as cockpit organisation final month,” an a single some-more Biman central told The Daily Star wishing anonymity.

On crime in Biman, lawmaker Mayeen Uddin Khan Badal, partial of of a parliamentary station cabinet upon a polite aviation ministry, pronounced in Feb which a cabinet has found vast crime involving Tk 700 crore which has happened over a years in a inhabitant carrier.

“The crime you found was usually a tip of a iceberg. The genuine design of crime in Biman is graver,” pronounced Badal, who led a parliamentary sub-committee probing crime in Biman.

The airline finished a conspicuous monetary liberation in a reduced time after it was incited in to a open singular organisation in Jul 2007. But a swell did not final long.

“Several wrong decisions as great as mismanagement brought a inhabitant conduit to a knees, rught away after a benefaction supervision insincere power,” pronounced a tip Biman official, preferring anonymity.

“The management’s miss of reason about operation of blurb airlines, a inefficiency in selling as great as marketplace formulation as great as prevalent crime during all levels brought Biman to this contemptible state,” celebrated Wahidul Alam, aviation researcher as great as editor of transport repository Bangladesh Monitor.

He pronounced since a high-ups in a Biman supervision do not have any selling background, they face a extreme plea from alternative airlines led by gifted as great as learned people.

Chairman of Biman Board of Directors Jamal Uddin Ahmed additionally certified which a inhabitant conduit is starting by a vicious time.

“How can you have distinction by handling 34-year-old DC-10s as great as alternative age-old aircraft?” he questioned, observant scarcely 60 percent of Biman’s sum output goes to fuel.

He pronounced Biman right away passes by a “lean season.” The incident will urge a lot during a Hajj as great as Umrah which move Biman a critical cube of a annual earning.

Asked how a airline finished increase with these aging aircraft during a reign of a final caretaker government, a authority pronounced Biman outlayed Tk 5 crore upon staff salaries a month during which time, nonetheless right away it has left up to Tk seventeen crore.

He pronounced a incident would not have been this bad had Biman got Tk 31 crore from a expatriates’ gratification method for carrying Bangladeshi labourers home from Libya, as great as an a single some-more Tk fifteen crore from a unfamiliar ministry.

Biman Managing Director as great as Chief Executive Officer Zakiul Islam said, “Biman is not in an preferred incident now. But I’m untroubled which it will strike a benefaction situation.”

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