Bindu’s busy days

Actress Bindu spent some busy days recently with her Eid performances. She was also a busy performer in last Eid. She worked for about fifty four dramas and telefilms in last Eid. Number of her work will also be high in this Eid. She feels number of TV channels has increased, more performers are needed.

She said, she never gets enough time to concentrate on a character. She also said sometimes stories lack creativity. She always seeks new type of story which is not always available.

She also worked on a telefilm ‘Bhetorer Manush’. It will be aired on Banglavision in the upcoming Eid. Story of this telefilm is written by Dewan Shamshur Rakib and directed by Reza Galib. Bindu has three roles in this telefilm. Here she is a prostitute, psychiatrist and also lover of a writer. In fact a writer is writing a story, everyday he starts writing and writes in different way.

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