BNP has fielded rhetoricians and diplomats: Obaidul Kader

BNP has fielded rhetoricians and diplomats: Obaidul Kader

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Referring to the state-repair plan of BNP, Obaidul Kader said, BNP has ruined the state. It has destroyed democracy. It has killed the spirit of the liberation struggle and the ideals of freedom. BNP does degenerate politics. They cannot repair the state, they can destroy it.

Stating that BNP had nothing but lies and lamentations, Obaidul Quader said, “BNP never had any mega project. BNP bowed its head in shame after seeing Padma Bridge and Metro Rail. Do you Don’t feel ashamed to use Padma Bridge to travel to Khulna.” In just three hours to organize your rally? BNP is sorry they could not do it, but Sheikh Hasina could have.”

The general secretary of the Awami League said that the BNP leaders were losing their temper due to the defeat in the elections. He said, “Don’t be upset. In the coming elections, the people will field Sheikh Hasina for the fourth time. The BNP will just watch and sigh. The BNP will have nothing to do but despair and heave a deep sigh.”

Describing the next national election as the final game, Obaidul Kader said, “This game is not a fight, it is a game of politics. People will show the red card to the BNP and say, no, no, no, we don’t.” BNP wants They complain to the embassies, but no one can keep them in power except the people. They have jumped too much, gone to extremes, we will not let them go. We will give them a befitting reply.”

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