BNP is suspicious on border map signing process.

India was divided in 1947 and two independent states India and Pakistan was created. But exact border mapping was not done. East Pakistan became Bangladesh, but that issue was still to be solved. There was working borer between India and Bangladesh, but no legal map was finalized. This made it difficult to solve border disputes. Survey officials of both sides have been working since 54 years to finalize border maps. Finally it is done and official signing process is started.

But exchange of enclaves and demarcation about 6.5 kilometers of border between the two countries are yet to be done.

Main opposition party BNP is raising question on this issue. The BNP leaders are arguing that without settling the disputed issue the government should not sign the maps. BNP leader Khandker Mosharraf Hossain, alleges that the government is signing the maps so hurriedly. He says government should make public what they are doing. BNP is also seeking assurance form India that they will not build dam on Tipaimukh.

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