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Boat capsized in Bay of Bengal with 110 passengers on board

Many Europeans came to Bengal in a bid to change their fate. It was the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventh century when this region was very rich in terms of wealth and economy.

Ironically now people of this region can’t go to developed countries easily. There are many restrictions.

But poor desperate people always look for better opportunity to survive. Deprived Muslims of Myanmar are fleeing to Bangladesh and the Bangladesh government is not allowing them in its territory. There are many desperate people in Bangladesh also.

Some wicked people are exploiting this. They are sending people illegally on boat in different countries. Eventually leading to an image crisis for Bangladesh.

A boat was capsized in the Bay of Bengal early in the day. There were 110 people on board and most of the passengers were Myanmarese. Bangladesh navy, coast guard and border guard is conducting a rescue operation. Twenty five passengers were rescued by them and another fifty managed to reach the shore by the help of other vessels. Twenty to thirty passengers are missing till last report came in.

Survivors are saying that the boat was overloaded and they were heading towards Malaysia.

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