Boy in a girl’s school football team!

There was a time when female players had to undergo embarrassing medical test to prove that

she is female. Authorities did this to prevent men’s participation in women’s team or event.

Now technology has improved, procedures improved also.

This may happen in professional level. But it happened in a school football tournament. A

boy played in a girl’s team. He tried to disguise as a girl by using eyebrow pencil and


But his playing skill and physical appearance was so distinct, at one point guests

questioned him and he admitted that he is a boy. Authority stopped him from playing the

match then.

It was in the final match of Bangabandhu and Bangomata primary school gold cup football

tournament in Bandarban, where Goaliyakhola primary school and Bandarban model primary

school met. That boy played for Goaliyakhola primary school and the school won in the


Loosing team refused to take the prize. Guardians and present spectator demanded exemplary

punishment against the school authority.

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