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BRAC Bank launches Probashi Card Customers to embrace remittance from ATM during anytime

BRAC Bank has launched Probashi Card to assistance business embrace abroad remittance without delay from ATM as good as POS all over a country.

With launch of Probashi pre-paid Card, business can right away embrace remittance income during anytime avoiding a con of entrance to a bank branches. Apart from 250 ATMs of BRAC Bank, business can repel income from all VISA ATMs in Bangladesh as good as can have squeeze during over 10,000 POS terminals in shops, a press recover says.

Syed Mahbubur Rahman, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of BRAC Bank, rigourously launched a label during a module during Sonargaon Hotel upon Monday.

Syed Mahbubur Rahman said, “BRAC Bank has regularly been bringing in latest services for preference of a customers. Probashi Card gives business leisure to repel preferred volume of income without delay from ATM as good as keep a rest as assets for withdrawing as as good as when required. All these facilities have this a singular label to promote quickest remittance smoothness during home. BRAC Bank will go on to deliver innovative promissory note solutions for a ostracise business as good as their beneficiaries.”

This is nonetheless an additional miracle of BRAC Bank that is in successive office to prove business with innovative as good as available latest promissory note solutions, it mentions.

BRAC Bank’s Probashi Card is a fastest, safest as good as a many available approach of reception remittance income from opposite a universe for beneficiaries in Bangladesh. Expatriate Bangladeshis will right away see their hard-earned income safely reaching pockets of their nearby as good as dear ones in Bangladesh with most appropriate probable convenience. Any BRAC Bank remittance customer can request for this card.

Mohammad Mamdudur Rashid, Deputy Managing Director, Khwaja Shahriar, Head of Cash Management, Custodial Services & Probashi Banking, Zeeshan Kingshuk Huq, Head of Corporate Affairs of BRAC Bank, as good as comparison officials of a bank were present.

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