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Cheers for country, debt for conqueror

Exactly the singular year back, he cowed the Mount Everest to turn the toast of Bangladesh. The sum republic saw him for the primary time with implausible awe. A stout immature male with the extended grin all over his face handed them the towering of honour out of the blue.

And how clearly opposite which attainment was! This unheralded adventurer did it all alone. The republic did not have to outlay the singular penny or do any foster for this unusual achievement. He is the favourite of the integrate of heroes you have, the idealisation domicile name–Musa Ibrahim.

This success-starved republic longed for no possibility to applaud the unusual feat. An singular feeling of well-being as great as frenzy went upon for days, weeks as great as months opposite the country, with tip politicians seizing the spotlights. Reception after accepting was accorded in his honour, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina heading the way.

He was not used to this turn of open attention. He is the journalist, the authority during the during the during the behind of of of the news. Well, it happens even when the publisher himself becomes headlines of this magnitude.

Musa was in truth dripping in love. With the bouquets in final the singular year, he could have built the tiny flowering plant mountain during his backyard. Ironically though, flowering plants usually could fill his heart. But being presses him for the opposite requirement— the money. It leaves him with an ascending charge of repaying the large loan he committed the year during the during the behind of of to await his unfortunate Everest mission.

Thanks to the inlet of the profession, all reporters take risks. But Musa set his eyes over the contention as great as upon the bigger risk. It was rsther than the bizarre aspiration for the authority from an typical center category family. It compulsory the universe of courage, self-assurance as great as joining to aspire to such dream, let alone creation it true.

Musa lived up to his mental condition fully. An Everest journey is extremely expensive. He worked upon his bill in the many regressive demeanour nonetheless it crossed Tk 46 lakh. He could prepare Tk 11.50 lakh from the integrate of sponsors after months of persuasion.

Promises were there nonetheless those were not kept when date for the goal drew nearer. Musa went to everyone he knew as great as attempted in vain to remonstrate them. Some of who talked definitely progressing reacted in the huff during his request. He was positively down in dumps nonetheless never gave up hope. Rejection got his finalise stronger. He became the male possessed, utterly preoccupied of the actuality which he was upon the verge of losing his pursuit as great as ruining his family hold up with this mania for the adventure.

When no serve monetary await came in, he got some-more desperate. He eventually shored up the necessity by burdensome the assets of his mother as great as bank comment of his tied together sister. With the steely determination, he lifted upon tip of all the contingency to get ahead his mental condition as great as brought the outrageous arise for the republic to celebrate.

The republic distinguished it indeed. But, distinct the approach it distinguished any alternative attainment in the sports arena. We all saw how any supervision went gaga over any general compare by the cricketers as great as footballers. Cash bonanza, flats, lands as great as whatnots flowed in so automatically from governments as great as as great as from entrepreneurs for really singular great performances in World Cups or the cricket compare series. We never suspicion of receiving divided those gifts when those heroes bit the dirt in subsequent matches. So clever is the calm as great as passion for those variable performers!

Musa did not for certain consider of creation income by subduing the Everest. Neither the supervision nor any companies, solely for Dhaka Bank, came brazen to suggest the income prerogative which goes great with an achiever identical to him.

He has featured in an announcement of Shah Cement, gain of which he handed over to his sister along with Dhaka Bank’s Tk 5 lakh. Only Tk eleven lakh is repaid, as great as he knows he needs to do the lot some-more prior to he gets out of the red.

His organisation, the North Alpine Club, organized an muster upon photos taken by him upon the Everest as great as the swimming eventuality where he crossed the Bangla Channel (sea channel from Teknaf to St Martin’s). Bangla Academy is about to pierce out the book upon his adventure. Money is being lifted during the snail’s pace. He is formulation the little some-more events which would turn money. But the singular thing he will never devise is to find income from others to pay off the loan.

“I have to pierce upon as great as get things finished for myself. In no approach we can stay stranded in loan,” says Musa with the smile.

He looks so plain as great as relaxed in his dignity. His Everest success is savoured by all nonetheless his loan is common by none. Musa has learnt to live with which reality.

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