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City dwellers suffer due to lack of public toilet

TangailOfficial data shows there are only sixty public toilets for about one and half crore residents of the capital. Many people are not getting the opportunity to use public toilet when nature calls. It is creating health risks including urinary tract infections and kidney diseases.

There are no female attendants in most of the public toilets; this is why women are not using those. Even men are not using these toilets if they are not compelled to use it.

These toilets are not cleaned regularly, there is no soap for hand wash. People are avoiding these toilets because these are so dirty, intense bad odor, lack of light, the list goes on. There are ugly writings and drawing in the walls.

City corporation officials are saying that it is the responsibility of the leaseholders to keep these toilets clean. But leaseholders are saying they do get cleaners timely. Everyone is blaming each other.

City corporation officials are saying they don’t have enough space to build more toilets in the busy areas where it is needed.

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