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Classical song gala by Uchchhas Lalitakala Academy

Uchchhas Lalitakala Academy hold a exemplary song gala during Poet Sufia Kamal assembly house of Bangladesh National Museum upon Mar 9. The owner principal of a academy, Sharifa Quader, led a choral delivery of khayal with a tarana set upon Raga Behag that set off a soiree.

Ustad Anil Kumar Saha was subsequent to take a stage. The artist initial achieved a khayal formed upon Raga Puria Kalyan. The vilambit bandish, “Aaj rangeele male bhaye”, of a raga seemed to have a balmy outcome whilst a elegant drut bandish, “Morey ghar aaja surajana saiyyan”, had a regretful plea. Aloke Kumar Sen upon harmonium as good as Imtiaz Sultan upon tabla (vilambit ektaal as good as teentaal) accompanied a vocalist.

As open was in a air, a artist could not though describe a low-pitched bandish, “Aayori basanta”, set upon Raga Hindoli. And final though not a least, Ustad Anil Kumar Saha presented a truncated chronicle of Raga Desh. His creation of a symphonic alaap followed by a monsoon-inspired bandish, “Jhuma barase badaria saawan ki”, clearly perplexed a hearts of many.

Imtiaz Sultan played teentaal upon his tabla whilst Aloke Kumar Sen was upon harmonium during a performances.

Ustad Md. Yousuf Khan was a final actor of a soiree. The artist played a dhun upon his sarod. He featured a tune of Raga Jila Kafi, presenting alaap, jor alaap, gaut, jhala as good as a tehai. Another dhun opening set upon a regretful Raga Bhairavi by a artist wrapped up a soiree. Commerce Minister GM Quader as good as pick dignitaries were in a assembly to humour a low-pitched event.

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