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Commercial firms including Banglalink and Nondon mega shop fined for sound pollution.

Sound pollution in as dangerous as water and air pollution, it may cause some serious health problems including high blood pressure and heart disease. This is why authority always fixes an approved limit for hospital and residential areas. Developer companies use brick crashing machine, rod cutting electric saw, mixture machine for their construction work. When these projects are in a residential area, it is a great concern for the residents especially children and the elderly people. Moreover for some years the country is facing serious power shortage, so power cut is very common, and many commercial firms use giant power generators. But in every area there is an approved limit above which it is considered as sound pollution.

Approved limit for Gulshan area is 60 decibel, but two Banglalink power generators were making 84 and 90 decibel level sound. Hosna tower, IPDC and Nandan mega shop generators were making 101, 81 and 89 decibel sound respectively.

After receiving complain from the residents environment department checked this and director enforcement Mohammad Munir Chowdhury fined them yesterday. And also asked those to take required steps otherwise their generators will be ceased.

Hosna tower , Banglalink, IPDC, and Nandan mega shop were fined tk 3 lakh, 2 lakh, 50 thousand and 1 lakh respectively.

Many citizens are saying authority should concentrate on power generation, if there was no power crisis there would be no sound pollution from generators.

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