Bank Mergers: 5 Indices to Identify Weak Banks - Ensuring Financial Stability and Confidence in the Banking Sector

Concern over merger initiative of stable banks

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Although it has been said from various levels of the government that the banking sector is performing well, the reality tells a different story. Although the amount of defaulted loans is 1,450 billion taka, the amount of weak assets is about 3,500 billion taka. Furthermore, BB officials estimate that the size of anonymous loans is equal to the amount of defaulted loans.

At least five banks, which are facing a huge liquidity crisis due to irregularities, are operating with money borrowed from the central bank. Apart from state-owned banks and foreign-owned banks, the amount of defaulted loans is more than 10 per cent in the case of many private banks in the country including AB Bank, Bangladesh Commerce Bank, ICB Islami Bank, National Bank of India, etc. Bank, One Bank and Padma Bank. Among these, the default loan amount of ICB Islami Bank is more than 85 percent. At least 10 more banks have hidden information related to defaulted loans.

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