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Corruption in Railways: Will irregularities in procurement and recruitment continue?

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Candidates eligible under the Freedom Fighters and Dependents quota were reportedly marked as having failed in the oral examination, while preferred candidates were given the posts. Moreover, division quota, district quota, dependent quota and other quota rules were not followed properly. Anger and concerns regarding corruption and irregularities in the Railways have been raised several times during the meetings of the Standing Committee of Parliament.

Railway Minister Nurul Islam often keeps informing the public about new railway projects. However, despite media reports detailing corruption and waste in these projects, no action is taken. In December last year, the minister had personally issued DO letters (semi-official letters) to the Public Administration Ministry to promote two railway officers. This also raises the question whether DO letter can be sent in favor of officials of one’s own ministry.

The announcement of a new railway line crossing the Padma Bridge is cause for celebration. However, a significant concern remains: Why have concrete measures not been taken to address the ongoing irregularities and corruption in two vital railway sectors, the procurement and recruitment process?

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