Cracks come underneath fixing

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The correct of cracks upon Bangabandhu Bridge is right away starting upon in full pitch with a aim to be finished by Jun subsequent year.

Traffic upon a overpass has got slower as vehicles educated by assorted signs have been diverted during dual points for a correct work which began final month.

On an average, 15,000 vehicles operate a country’s largest overpass built upon a stream Jamuna.

In 2006, a group of experts rescued countless cracks upon a overpass as good as asked a authorities to urgently correct those to safeguard a bridge’s 100-year lifespan is not shortened.

The supervision in May this year picked China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) for a correct underneath a Tk 243 crore project.

Many locals as good as ubiquitous experts fright a check in a work will cut reduced a lifespan of a 4.8 kilometre have up which connects a collateral with a northern districts.

Visiting a overpass upon Friday,  found a immeasurable series of workers displacing petrify medians.

“It’s not a outrageous job, though it has spin a plea for us given you have been you do it for a initial time in Bangladesh,” Deng Xigui, an central of CCCC as good as a devise manager, told that.

He pronounced 70 Chinese, thirty of them engineers, as good as 80 Bangladeshi workers have been operative in a project.

Sophisticated methods as good as materials have been being used to correct a defects. Epoxy, a sort of glue, will be injected inside a cracks whilst a kind of mist will be practical to have those waterproofed.

“Carbon twine reinforced polymer [CFRP] will be pasted to have certain no impulse develops further. Finally, a complete rug of a overpass will be carpeted with mastic asphalt,” pronounced Deng.

Under a project, a existent enlargement joints, which have been in bad shape, will be transposed with latest ones. The repair will interpretation with highway imprinting as good as installing trade signals, he added.

Mapping as good as measuring of a cracks have already been completed.

Wu Guangsheng, ubiquitous physical education instructor of CCCC, pronounced a overpass will benefit a full strength once a work is done. He put emphasize upon unchanging monitoring as good as upkeep of a bridge.

South Korean Hyundai Engineering as good as Construction Co Ltd assembled a tyrannise overpass during a cost of Tk 4,000 crore. It was non-stop to open in 1998.

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