Cross border love in India Bangladesh border

DN_BorderIt’s like a typical romantic film. Young Lazu Islam is a cattle trader of Jhalandi village in Lalmonirhat district. He was visiting India frequently for his business. He and Indian national Laily Begum fell in love, as Lazu frequently visiting India. At the end they decided to marry and both of them decided to stay in Bangladesh.

But father of Laily Begum was not happy. He alleged that his daughter is abducted and with help from some other Indians he abducted six Bangladeshis form Bangladeshi territory. One of them managed to escape and five other are under the custody of Indian authority.

On the other hand Lazu and Laily is arrested by Bangladesh police and complaint of illegal border crossing and illegal entrance is brought against them.

It seems Indians are determined that they will not release those five innocent Bangladeshis unless that young Indian woman decides to go back sacrificing her love.

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