Deed writers appeal

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In Bangladesh reading a handwritten deed is almost like reading hieroglyphics, because it’s like a tradition that deed writer’s handwriting is difficult to read. There is more land registration related problem, collecting a certified copy of a specific document from a sub registry office is not easy. It takes time and in most of the cases bribe is needed. The government is trying to digitalize the manual registration process.

But now the deed writers are feared that they will loose their occupation. They are appealing for necessary steps from the government.

Yesterday at a press briefing at the Dhaka Reporter’s Unity auditorium the deed writers association leaders said sometimes it is alleged that the deed writers are corrupt. But the root is the sub registrars themselves; they are self confessed corrupt employees who force them (deed writers) to take bribe from people.

The leaders also said now there are four land records in the country all of which is needed to follow for land registration, which is complicating the registration process. There should by only one record.

The deed writers also demanded the increment of their remuneration of two percent if the deed is of five hundred taka or more.

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