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Demonstration against offensive anti Islam film

Recent offensive anti Islam film “Innocence of Islam” has sparked protest around the world. Protesters are demanding exemplary punishment of the director. The film is not released yet. Its fourteen minute trailer is released on video sharing site Youtube and this trailer has angered the Muslim world.

Not only Muslims but also many non-Muslim intellectuals have criticized the film. The UN secretary general has said, the film has misused the freedom of speech.

An actress of the film has alleged that she was told that this film will be on ancient desert story and name will be “Desert Warrior”. The dialog of the film is imposed later. She has already filed a case against the director.
Bangladesh is not exception Muslims of this country are also shocked by the film.

The Bangladesh government has been very cautious to ensure law and order. But some organizations are angry on this and called a country wide strike few days ago. They called strike when the government didn’t permit them to stage a demonstration program.

More than six thousand protesters staged demonstration on Kuril Bishwa Road and blocked traffic when their procession was blocked by the police yesterday. The demonstration was staged after the Friday prayer.

The demonstrators were heading to the US embassy and police tried to ensured security of the diplomatic zone.

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