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Dhaka Club memorial book launched

Dhaka Club is a unique organisation and an extended home to its members, said the members at the launch of a memorial book marking the club’s centenary yesterday.

“It is our second home”, Syed Dhaka Club an eminent poet and author, told the audience members at the launching ceremony of “Dhaka Club Centennial”.

Shakil Kasem, a member of the editorial board on the publication, said Dhaka Club is a vibrant and living organisation with a soul of its own.

A member of the editorial board, Syed Haque said the book contains not only history and background of the club but also reminiscence and interviews of those who have been its members for many decades.

Mizanur Rahman Shelly, a member and former president of the club, and Prof Kaiser MH Haq were present at the launch among others.

Dhaka Club was founded in August 1911. Sir Lancelot Hare, the then Lieutenant Governor of East Bengal and Assam, was the founder president.

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