Encroachers take over stream banks

The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) has identified 61 points along the Buriganga as good as Turag rivers where bootleg structures have been being assembled upon the banks by encroachers.
Encroachers have been grabbing stream banks by constructing unapproved structures regulating brick, silt as good as bamboo, sources said. They remarkable an additional swell of wake up during the monsoon as most stream banks spin submerged during this period. Senior emissary executive (port) of the BIWTA, Sharif Afzal, told The Independent upon Friday that  in most cases military exclude to jot down cases conflicting these stream grabbers. He pronounced such an perspective upon the partial of the military customarily encourages the encroachers to lift upon their bootleg activity. “We do not have the own law coercion agency. So, you have to rely upon the military as good as magistrates to expostulate divided encroachers.”
He pronounced the BIWTA had already sought citation from the probity upon how to giveaway supervision lands from encroachers as good as additionally per the purpose of the military in this connection.
A vast apportionment of the Turag, Buriganga, Balu as good as Shitalakhhya rivers have been being grabbed by encroachers during 35 points, pronounced Mahabubul Alam, executive (port) of the BIWTA. “We have sought income to mislay these structures. However, you have been means to mislay encroachers from the little of these points,” he added.
According to BIWTA sources, Kamrangirchar, Shah Ali, Keraniganj, Darus Salam, Savar, Mohammadpur, Hazaribagh, Turag, Tongi, Uttara, Dakkhin Khan, Demra, Rupganj as good as Joydevpur military stations have refused to record cases conflicting the stream grabbers.
Abdul Jabbar, owners of the Hazi Rasulbagh dockyard in the Keraniganj military hire area, Rahmat Ali as good as Md Farid of Tangail housing, Md Sattar, Delwar Hossain, Md Mokles, Abul Hossain, Mahbub Alam as good as Atiur Rahman of Baroikhali in the Mohammadpur PS area, Deen Mohammad Gazi as good as Joynal Gazi of Jhaulahati in the Kamrangirchar PS area, Golam Qayum Panna of Star Housing of Chatbari in the Shah Ali PS area, Hafej Abu Bakkar in the Keraniganj indication PS area, Hazi Mahbubur Rahman of Lalbagh in Kamrangirchar, Miraz Ahmed of Kaundia in the Savar PS area, M/S Mayer Doa craving of Pangaon in Keraniganj, Jaz Miah, Chunnu Miah, Hazi Mominul Huq as good as Forman Ali of Choto Dia bari in the Darus Salam PS area, Babul Miah as good as Abbas Ali of Baghbari in Darus Salam PS area, Abdul Karim, Md Alauddin as good as Ismail Hossain Repu in the Savar PS area, authority of the Basila Garden city, authority of Chandrima Real Estate Ltd, authority of Dhaka Uddayan, authority of Metro Housing as good as authority of Turag Housing in the Mohamadpur PS area, Md Ismail of Smita Traders of Mirpur Balurghat in the Darus Salam PS area, as good as Abdus Salam, handling executive of M/S Domino Ltd as good as MR Centre of Banani were reported to have grabbed the banks of the Buriganga as good as Turag rivers.Certain elements, pronounced to be associated to the statute party, in cahoots with the territory of officials of the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) as good as the land department, have been allegedly subsidy people grabbing the rivers as good as H2O bodies conflicting the country, defying steady warnings from the Prime Minister as good as the High Court.
“The supervision should take obligatory stairs conflicting the structure the whole of latest structures upon the stream banks. The hold up of Dhaka city is associated to the presence of the rivers,” pronounced Khalilur Rahman, the proprietor of Kamrangirchar.
Some successful buliding have been starting forward with the intrusion of the rivers by earth stuffing as good as structure bootleg structures during conflicting points along the banks of the Turag,  squeezing it serve in between Diabari during Amin Bazar as good as upon the Ashulia Bridge point.
Although the dialect of sourroundings took stairs conflicting the little encroachers final week, it has not deterred others from grabbing stream banks.

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