Establishing the Right to Vote: A Solution to Bangladesh's Economic Crisis

Establishing the Right to Vote: A Solution to Bangladesh’s Economic Crisis

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“There is a way out of this economic crisis. Everyone cast their vote. Let the people of Bangladesh decide what will be the path for Bangladesh. An inclusive economy is impossible without inclusive elections. You cannot separate the economic crisis from politics. Ali Riaz said, establishing the right to vote is the only way out of this crisis.

“I don’t want elections like 2014 and 2018,” said Ahsan H Mansoor, executive director of the Policy Research Institute. The time of the current government is about to end. They should think about reaching a consensus. Both the government and the opposition will have to compromise. Let the elections be fair to restore democratic practices.”

Stating that the government is responsible for the current economic crisis, he said, “The country’s economy is in serious trouble. The country has not gone through such a long crisis in the last 30 years. The government is not able to pay the dues of electricity, fertilizer and aviation sectors.

“Such a situation did not emerge overnight. The initiative was not taken based on market assessment. There is a lack of knowledge and proper leadership in the financial sector. It needs an efficient and active minister. The policy decision of the government was wrong. The decision, the economist said, was “taken on political grounds for political reasons.”

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