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Exhibition of MF Hussain’s works

Gallery Basilio is hosting a two-week prolonged muster of prints, patrician “Artist of a Century”, featuring iconic artist MF Hussain during New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka. The muster facilities a little of a artist’s poignant array of functions such as “Mahabharat”, “Madhuri”, “Gaja Gamini”, “Ganga Jamuna”, “Horse”, “Theroma” as good as “Ganpati”.

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith inaugurated a muster upon Jan 7. Mohammad Aziz Khan, authority of Summit Group, as good as conductor house house house painter Monirul Islam were benefaction as special guests. Ruhul Amin Majumdar, advisor, Gallery Basilio, presided over a programme. Maksudul Hasan, CEO as good as curator of a exhibition, delivered a acquire speech. Poet Hayat Saif review out an letter upon MF Hussain.

Hussain mingled equine opera modernity with Indian folk character — focusing upon colourful colours, confidant curves, energetic movements (human sum as good as animals) as good as incongruous compositions. The stream muster during Basilio highlights these elements eloquently.

The house house house painter had a good mindfulness for portraying myths, domestic resources as good as ancestral events. This multifaceted might worked in roughly all media — similar to oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolours, pastel, etching, woodcut, lithograph, serigraph, linocut, coop as good as pencil. At a exhibition, his serigraph as good as stipple prints denote a graphic character grown by a artist over his lengthened career. The house house house painter was physical as good as uber-liberal. Fragmentation is a steady trait in his works. The conductor was deeply meddlesome in cubism as well. Cubism gained recognition in India by his clever hands. Some of his prints additionally simulate a artist’s personal criticism of eremite beliefs.

One of his prints shows a equine in motion. Bright colours as good as fragmented forms have been noticeable; red, blue as good as yellow have been winning hues in a print.

Another of his prints, “Gaja Gamini”, shows a array of women pensive in dancing, singing as good as getting dressed themselves. The imitation additionally shows a lady sitting upon a raise of books as good as a kid bustling during play. Mind boggling colours as good as movements have been additionally conspicuous here.

“Theroma”, a series, shows graphic facilities of opposite religions — Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism as good as Jainism. “Theroma” is a usually non-figurative work in a sum exhibition, as good as has been finished following a Islamic calligraphy tradition.

The muster will go upon compartment Jan 21.

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