Extradition treaty with India

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Bangladesh-IndiaHome ministers of Bangladesh and India signed an extradition treaty on January 28th this year. Later the treaty was ratified by Indian cabinet. But Bangladesh was waiting. Finally Bangladesh cabinet has also approved and it has taken its effect. This is a treaty which India was trying to sign for many years. But Bangladesh was little reluctant in this issue.

Some experts says, India is a powerful country and they can create pressure on Bangladesh on any case. This treaty will help India to create more pressure on Bangladesh to handover anyone whom they want. According to this treaty these countries will exchange criminals who are convicted by courts of respective countries. This treaty will not apply on those who are sentenced for less than one year. This treaty has also exempted political crimes.

Definition of political crime is sometimes ambiguous. There are some armed groups in India which are fighting for autonomy and some are looking for independence. Leaders of those groups are criminal from Indian government’s point of view. But fighters of those groups are the heroes to many deprived people. What will be the stand of Bangladesh government? Bangladesh has been silent is this debated issue. Bangladesh government always describes it as India’s internal issue. But constitution of Bangladesh asks its government to stand aside to those who are struggling for independence.

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