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Farah Ruma: Acting the host

Magazine Anand Bichitra’s find, the pleasing Farah Ruma is personification her partial to the knob in front of the camera. Her stream report includes 3 serials: Kaisar Ahmed’s “Ohonkar”, “Tokhon Hemonto” by Humayun Faridee as great as “Lorai” by Aruna Biswas. The thespian says the assembly will unequivocally suffer the sundry characters she plays in the 3 serials. In “Ohonkar” being aired upon Ekushey Television, she points out, viewers can see her in the purpose of university tyro Maria.

Farah has additionally taken upon purposes in multiform the single -hour-TV plays including’ “Nirbachito Dukkho Koshto” as great as “Lal Golap Shada Mon” by Chayanika Chowdhury, “Nolok” by Mohammad Noman, “Kemon Aachho Tumi” by Syed Jamim and”’Boishakhi Jhor” by Shahriar Nazim Joy. An arriving plan by comparison manager Nurul Alam Atik will underline Ruma in the Rabindranath adaptation.

Farah says her hosting gigs do not meddle with her acting, as hosting programmes do not take up many time. For dual years now, Ruma has been hosting ntv’s, “Amaro Gaite Ichchha Holo” the programme featuring arriving musicians who have been not in the limelight. Asked how she enjoys anchoring programmes, Farah smilingly says that this temperament is beguiling as great as gives her the clarity of satisfaction. She has additionally appeared spasmodic as the indication as great as dancer. She danced in the Pahela Baishakh programme recently, upon the heels of an coming as the dancer final Eid. She says dancing has been her longtime passion though her bustling behaving report has kept her divided from her from it. That, however, is expected to change, she adds.

Farah embarked upon her career with the Afzal Hossain fool around “Shaako” that she considers the branch indicate for her. Other defining functions were “Lodiya:, the fool around upon the Santals as great as the description in Tagore’s “Shuvo Drishti’” the thespian adds. Farah’s aspiration is to go upon with performances that will find the organisation place in the hearts of the audience.

The thespian has additionally ventured in to the glitzy universe of the china shade as sharpened upon her entrance movie ‘Putro Amar Poyshawala’ by Nargis Aktar is on. Farah expects the movie to be appreciated by assembly as great as critics alike.

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